“Does your website rank as high as it should?”

Internet Video Production and Marketing

Video Production and Internet Marketing Videos

When you search on Google, ever notice that videos usually show up at the top of the list?
You should be there!

Video and SEO:
A good video can do wonders for an inbound marketing or SEO campaign.

We produce professional HD videos for business, marketing, education or public relations that will get your message in front of thousands of viewers. Not only will this increase brand awareness for your company, but it can also help get a better position in Google search results as well as the other search engines. Creating videos for internet marketing is a very effective SEO technique and is one of the most reliable ways to improve your online visibility.

Video production for your business doesn’t have to drain your marketing budget. Get the exposure you need – do more than tell your customers about your business – show them!
Marketing documentaries, weekly web shows, infomercials, special event coverage, podcasts or other projects – we’ve got you covered.
Distribution to your own site, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, industry specific sites
– all taken care of.
You will be seen.

Engage your potential customers – keep them coming back!

SEO and Social Media: Video

SEO and Social Media: Video

Sure, we could have made one of those generic videos with the same old recycled graphics and lame music that make it look like a trailer for a really boring movie. But those are just video spam and we prefer to stand out from crowd.

Internet Marketing Client Success Stories

Internet Marketing Client Success Stories

Many SEO consultants you will encounter are reluctant to tell you about their results.
Maybe they fear giving away their “secrets”. We don’t have to worry about that because Ker Communications is powered by talent, skills and experience – not magic tricks.