April 5, 2017

Video Is Where The People Are

Want to know why no one’s leaving comments on your company blog? 
Because they’re all watching videos on YouTube.

Don’t let online video ruin your company’s ability to connect with customers… join the party!

There is a type of web user that loves video so much, they rarely start browsing anywhere other than YouTube.  If you’re not on YouTube, these people will not find you.

Stay Up To Date

Video is (still) the hottest thing going on the web. If you’ve been thinking lately about starting a blog or setting up a Twitter account, that is great and it is about time. But if you want to be on the cutting edge, consider the opportunities that come with the explosion of online video.

Video marketing is on the rise, and shows no signs of slowing. There is a growing number of web users that prefer sites that use video over sites that just have text and pictures.

video advertising

Internet video marketing is the fastest-growing form of online advertising. On YouTube in 2010, the number of advertisers rose to ten times as many as in the previous year. And that is just YouTube.

Remember when email started gaining momentum in the mid-90’s, and there were old-school business people that looked down their nose at this newfangled world-wide-web trend, saying it was just a fad? That kind of thinking didn’t work out very well for them.
 You have probably heard the term “going viral”. Online video, combined with other social media, is usually where that happens.

Video and SEO:

A good video along with proper promotion and a quality web presence to back it up can do wonders for your online marketing strategy.

We produce professional HD videos that will get your message in front of thousands of viewers. Not only will this increase brand awareness of your company, but it can also get you the top spot in Google as well as the other search engines. Creating videos is a very effective SEO technique and is one of the most reliable ways to improve your website’s position in the search engines.

Let the web video marketing experts at Ker Communications improve your website traffic and build your Pittsburgh area business with our optimized internet video production services.