“Definitely not typical internet marketing”
don't follow the herd

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Ker Communications

Is your website lost in the herd?

Ker Communications - SEO company in Pittsburgh PA

SEO + Social Media + Web Design + Digital Marketing

Complete Web Presence Management

“Definitely Not Typical Internet Marketing”

don't follow the herdMake your website stand out from the herdYou have the best websitethe best seo makes sure the search engines show itwhat search engines want…

Is your website lost in the crowd?

Ker Communications - SEO company in Pittsburgh PA

Complete Web Presence Management

“Definitely Not Typical Internet Marketing”


SEO + Content + Social + Design

It all works together to help you reach more people through your website.

Ker Communications has a creative approach to growing your business online with the right mix of legitimate search engine optimization, content-driven inbound marketing, smart social media, innovative website design, effective online advertising, and sometimes offline promotion including print media and other advertising.
And it all works together perfectly for the most effective results.

People are looking for what you have to offer.
Make it easier for them to find you.

The best internet marketing results come from a comprehensive inbound digital marketing strategy combining content that attracts, professional web design & development, social media marketing & online public relations, expert search optimization, and most importantly – real human insight, innovation and instincts. We bring it all together to make sure you are not only easily found online, but will seem unavoidable when people look for your products or services.

Not a typical SEO company

Search Engine Optimization? Our customized marketing strategies are more like Business Optimization!

SEO for Higher Visibility

Increase “Findability” Online the Right Way

A Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing
To improve the search engine rankings of a website, we don’t just work some keywords into a “one size fits all” package – we optimize each website based on its own unique situation.
We learn about your business, your goals, and the details that are unique to your needs and goals.
Then we can implement the best solutions that will work specifically for you to get more – and better – website traffic to help achieve your goals.
The latest thing that SEO consultants and internet marketing experts are buzzing about today –
we were doing it yesterday.

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Whether you need a game-changing search engine optimization and inbound digital marketing campaign, social media advice, a dedicated SEO consultant, a full service digital marketing agency, or don’t know what you need to increase web traffic, reach more customers, get more sales leads, and spread the word about what you do – we will discover and implement the ideal strategy to reach your goals.
  • Innovative Inbound Marketing designed specifically for your needs and budget
  • Local Search Marketing for small businesses anywhere – not just a Pittsburgh SEO company
  • Creative Content Creation
    High-quality content for your website and social media
  • Graphic Design for Digital and Print Media
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
    Word of Mouth = “World of Mouth”
  • Website Design, Redesign, Repairs and Updates
  • WordPress Setup and Customization
    Easy, scalable CMS – Not just for blogs!
  • Whatever Works 2.0
    We’ve got our eye out for the next big thing
The best results will come from a combination of several (or all) of our online marketing services.
Every client has unique needs. Whatever we do for you will be designed specifically for your needs and goals.

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