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We enthusiastically recommend Ker Communications to others…

5.0 stars
***** Apr 10, 2017

“As part of a re-branding project, my company hired Ker Communications to design a new company website from scratch. We are extremely happy with the results and the process went very smoothly. We worked directly with Nick Ker throughout the entire process. He was very responsive and accommodating to the specific needs of my company and he made sure our new website fit like a glove. We’ve chosen to continue working with Ker Communications for our ongoing marketing needs and we enthusiastically recommend Ker to others.”

Incredible SEO knowledge – Nick is the real deal! Thank you!

5.0 stars
***** February 7, 2015

I apologize ahead of time for such a long-winded review but I’d like to share some details about this company. Nick at is truly an authority and an expert in his field. That is an understatement. He really… really knows SEO.

Let me be totally honest. I researched SEO companies for months. I compulsively research everything that I buy … blenders, razors, cars, everything … you name it. I was very wary because I learned that there are a lot of “black hat” self-proclaimed SEO experts who are just plain scam artists. SEO is the new big field and it’s the perfect chance for opportunists to make a quick buck. It’s super competitive and everyone claims to be an SEO expert.

How to choose?
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How to choose?
I frankly chose Nick because his own company consistently dominates the top of the first page for his own business, SEO. Just type in “SEO Pittsburgh”. If he can place that high on the first page in such a highly competitive field like SEO then that was proof enough for me that he could do the same for me. He usually ranks #1and also #2 at the top of the first page.

But before I pulled the trigger and hired him, I did even more research. I read all of his articles and his blogs. I read his competitors blogs and looked at their social pages. His writing, his thought processes, and his ability to communicate were superior. I also followed him on Google plus for months and discovered that he is an authority in the SEO field and is highly respected by his colleagues for his knowledge and his advice.

My web site was stuck on the search engines and I wanted higher rankings.

Fast forward. Nick proceeded to optimize my websites which are in highly competitive medical fields. I compete with national franchises and with huge medical corporations like UPMC. With his help, persistence and patience, I have had significant improvement on the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Because of him, I now rank highly on the first page as a result of his knowledge and expertise. He delivers results but he will be the first to tell you that it takes time. He is careful to set realistic expectations from the beginning.

My original web designer whom I have known for over twenty years, got incredible insights from Nick on highly complicated technical issues which made achieving my goals possible. I was impressed.

I learned after careful research that the wrong SEO company can cause your site to be blacklisted or banned by Google by buying you links illegally and taking short cuts. Google Penguin and Panda and other updates will punish a dishonest web site mercilessly. From my research, many SEOs will just take your money and make excuses.

His agency is based in Pittsburgh but I learned that he also handles accounts throughout the country. I appreciate his honesty, integrity and for all of his incredible help in promoting my medical practice and will continue to sing his praises.

I thank him for his professionalism but also for all of the new patients that he has helped send my way by successfully promoting my web sites.

I will forever be a client of his!

Honest, Hardworking & Great Results

5.0 stars
***** Dec 14, 2013

“Ker Communications started helping about 4 months after our initial launch in 2011. Within a little over one year they helped us become one of the largest crowdfunding platforms on the internet. Nick is top notch, honest, hardworking and could always be counted on when we were “in a pinch”.

In the SEO industry, it is difficult to determine the true quality of the people you are dealing with because so many “SEO professionals” hide their poor performance behind fancy websites and false claims. Ker Communications is the real deal.

YouCaring will always be thankful for the contribution Nick and his wonderful company made to our success.”

Did a great job for me. I would definitely recommend

5.0 stars
***** May 20, 2013

“When we started, my website was buried on page 11 of Google for my target key words. After 3 months my site ranked #3! My site is in a niche market, so results for others may be different, but Nick knows his stuff.”

Can’t say enough about how much Nick helped me launch my online store

5.0 stars
***** Jan 10, 2012

“He jumped right into it and got my Google ranks climbing immediately and visitors to my website have increased steadily. He got me set up on Facebook and Twitter, and really helped me tweak my blog posts to get maximum results.
Most of all, my sales have risen exponentially! It was so awesome having someone who was so tuned into what I wanted and what I was about. He really helped to maximize my presence in a very competitive market. I definitely recommend Ker Communications to whomever is looking to launch an online business”.

Totally Impressed

5.0 stars
***** Feb 22, 2012

“Totally impressed with attitude, responsiveness, work product and professionalism. I plan to not only work with Ker Communications in the future but will recommend to peers and colleagues. Highly recommended.”

Recommend without hesitation

5.0 stars
***** May 30, 2013

“An absolute professional who produced solid verifiable results in a short period of time. Went above and beyond and always available. Recommend without hesitation.”

Definitely will be using again

5.0 stars
***** September 22, 2012

“Recommended a better solution than what we had in mind for speeding up our WordPress site, fixed up some CSS issues, and did it all while communicating with me promptly and professionally. Definitely will be using again”.

Awesome to work with

5.0 stars
***** August 9, 2013

“Nick is awesome to work with. Total pro. We’re now ranking number 1 for a lot of key words and within the top 10 on others. We’re getting a lot of inquiries from Google searches and we’re loving it. The SEO status report was great – I especially liked the part about not needing more SEO right now, which means he’s not pushing me to buy something I don’t need. I know he’ll be around if I need him again, and he’s the first guy I’ll go to! In the middle of this SEO project I asked Nick to take on a small project to fix some sidebars – he was great. Fast, affordable, professional, friendly – what else do you want? ”

Results, results, results…

5.0 stars
***** October 7, 2011

“If you are reading this look no further. Ker Communications produces… Thanks again Nick, we have been getting calls and people filling out our contact from from the awesome work you have done”

Ker Communications is the best

5.0 stars
***** July 30, 2011

“They understand the job requirements instantly. They do a beautiful job. We’re going to hire them again and again.  Efficient, fast, highly competent and very affordable. We plan to hire them for all our future website work. What was really nice is that we didn’t have to explain anything. Nick understood what we wanted done and finished the job in few hours.”

Abobe and beyond…

5.0 stars
***** June 13, 2011

“I was very happy with the work done by KerCommunications. It was above and beyond my expectations.”

Great job and thanks!

5.0 stars
***** May 3, 2011

“The best thing that I appreciated about Nick was his methodical manner in which he proceeded to figure out and then solve the issue. While doing so, he also documented each step which made it much easier for me to understand the changes made to the system. This skill is not easily learned and is a great plus to have in a provider. Great job and Thanks!”

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