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  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website Design
  • Website Re-Design and Updates
  • Wordpress Set-Up and Customization
  • Technically Correct, Search Optimized From The Start

We Fix Bad Design and Repair Broken Websites

Ker Communications Pittsburgh based web designers and developers can improve your existing website or design a new website from scratch with search engine optimization (SEO), performance, and marketing results in mind. We’ll make it work for you – anything from a simple WordPress blog installation to developing a full featured eCommerce website.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Website Design and Google Search

If getting more website visits from people who use mobile devices to search Google is important to you (and it probably is or you wouldn’t be here at the best SEO agency in Pittsburgh), you will need a website designed so that it looks awesome and works well on the small screens of iPhones, Androids and other mobile phones. On April 21st, 2015, Google updated its algorithm so that sites that use a responsive, mobile-friendly design will typically rank higher in the search results than those which are not. That means if your website does not meet the criteria for mobile-friendly websites, you could be missing out on the growing number of people who use a smart phone instead of a computer. For service businesses where customers often just click to call the first number, or go to the first site that comes up in the search results, mobile is crucial.
We can help. Ker Communications been designing and building responsive websites which adapt to all devices and screen sizes since the ability to do so became available. Ask us about your options – we can work out a whole new website design, or maybe just alter your existing site to work better for mobile phones and tablets.
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Your website will look great, work perfectly and get the results you want.

Good website designers know a website needs to do more than just sit there and look cool. It needs to do something. I don’t mean just have fancy effects, splashy flash animations and such. That stuff looks great when you want to show off your new web site and have your friends and families say “oooh you must be successful”. But many internet users won’t wait for an overdone Flash animation intro and will go back to the search results to pick one that actually gives them the information they are looking for.
Your site should do more than just look cool – it should be the best possible representation of you and your business.  Style and Substance.
We will give your audience a reason to be there – and a reason to come back. Build trust. Build a reputation. Build an audience. Grow your customer base through “world of mouth” (that is not a typo).

The professional web designers at Ker Communications know how to design and build a website that will work for you. We want to do more.
We will help you build your business with Complete Web Presence Management. Quality web design, social media, and anything else we can come up with to help your business grow.

Wordpress Design Services

Wordpress Design & Customization

We absolutely love building websites and blogs with the self-hosted platform as a starting point.
Wordpress is one of the most popular, and easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS) available. It is an excellent way to build an “SEO-friendly” website that does not always require hiring a web developer to make changes or updates.


Not just web design, not just SEO, not just a social media afterthought…
we make it all work together.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

Contact us to discuss your web design needs and find out what we can do.

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