Online Marketing Rates & Prices


internet marketing rates and prices

Ker Communications has affordable,
no bullsh*t solutions for Web Design,
SEO, Social Media Marketing and
Complete Web Presence Management.



We get a lot of questions about our rates, like, “The other internet marketing companies are asking three times as much as you are for the same thing. What are they going to do for me that you are not?”

The Short Answer: Nothing
The Longer Answer: Nothing useful (to you). You are paying for the overhead at their overpriced office space, complete with an espresso bar and really nice fish tank so you will feel important when you are there. You are paying for all the money they spent on black hat SEO to secure top Google positions and learning new buzzwords so you will think they must be the best. If your marketing budget is overflowing, then you may not care if they are all bling, no blam. All bark, no bite. All hat, no cattle. Smoke and mirrors. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!  OK, no more clichés…

At Ker Communications, our priorities are efficiency, quality, ROI value, and results. Not egos… or coffee. Fish tanks are nice though…

Check out our pricing for web design and SEO. We offer the best SEO services, and website design & development at prices that let you use your funds wisely.