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“I swear I didn’t mean to violate Google’s Quality Guidelines…
well, except that one time.”

Google Penalty Recovery Service

Think you have a Google penalty?

Penguin, Panda, Something Else… What to Do?

Maybe you took some bad advice, thought you could outsmart the search engine algorithms, bought one of those cheap link building packages, went a little overboard with your keywords, did some spammy guest blogging for links or didn’t do anything wrong at all; but Google’s Penguin, Panda or some other creature thinks you broke some rules. Whatever the reason, your site is not ranking as well as it once was in the SERPs.
Ker Communications SEO consultants can help you get out of the Google penalty box and recover.

What You Need To Know About Google Penalty Removal & Recovery

Our SEO penalty removal services require that you, the site owner or webmaster, must accept some uncomfortable and sometimes ugly truths.

  • “Recovery” from a link-based penalty like Penguin does not mean your site will automatically rank as highly as it did before the penalties. The artificial links which boosted your rankings in the past will be gone or disavowed. Recovering from such penalties and algorithms means those bad links will no longer hold the site down, and the possibility of ranking well again is restored.
  • There may be more than one penalty affecting your site. It also may not be a penalty or algorithmic filter at all, but some other problem with the site itself.
  • Removing the penalties won’t be easy, it probably won’t be fast, and you absolutely MUST be committed to getting back on track and doing things the right way from now on.
  • Rankings and traffic change frequently and a slight drop may not be a penalty or algorithmic filter at all. If your search engine rankings or traffic have only gone down a little bit, consider getting an SEO Audit to find any problems and opportunities for improvement.

Find out why your Google rankings & traffic dropped and what to do about it:

Google Penalty Removal Service

It won’t be free, but our Traffic Drop Analysis and Google Penalty Recovery Service can help you get out of Google Jail and help you stay out of trouble.
Get Help

  • Diagnosis of Penalty – Find out what happened, if it really is a penalty, and what kind
  • Cause Analysis – Is it on-page (Panda), spammy links (Penguin or Manual Action), attempted negative SEO, or something else?
  • List of links to submit via Disavow Links Tool for link problems (“unnatural links” manual action or the Penguin algorithm)
  • Plan of Action – How to move forward in removing Google penalties

Google Penalty Diagnostic Service Price:
$900 for Diagnosis of Traffic Drop and List of Links to Remove & Disavow (if necessary)

Additional cost to implement our penalty recovery plan of action, such as link removal or content clean up, will depend on the complexity of your search engine problem.

About the Link Removal & Disavow Process

Link based penalties require that we make a wholehearted effort to get as many of the bad links removed as possible before asking Google to ignore the rest. Tracking down all of the links to your website, assessing which links need to be removed, finding the contact info and asking webmasters to remove those links is a time consuming and sometimes delicate process with little room for error. Even the Disavow Links Tool submission process has its subtleties that can have an impact on the speed of recovery. The rate for a link removal & disavow program, including requesting removals, documentation of sites contacted & links removed, submission of disavow lists and reconsideration requests is $10 per linking domain.
Learn more about our Link Removal Services here.

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Traffic Drop / Penalty Diagnosis - $900

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