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Find, Remove, and Disavow Old Spammy Links to Get Out of Google Link Penalties

link removal service for bad backlinksThese days SEO is as much about cleaning up mistakes as it is improving on what you have. Google’s war on webspam has made many commonly used link building methods not only obsolete, but actually harmful to your website’s traffic and rankings in search results.  Many of the things you may have thought were acceptable or “best practices” in the past were really never OK, according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
Now, Google’s algorithm and manual reviewers have become much more effective at discovering attempts to use links manipulate the search results.
The rules haven’t really changed, but they are now being strictly enforced on everything from those old directory submission and article marketing packages, all the way up to more complex guest blogging schemes.

If you have received a warning from Google Webmaster Tools about “unnatural links” or suspect the Penguin algorithm update has penalized your website, the solution is to remove as many of those spammy links as possible. Removing enough links to show Google a good faith effort to clean up your act is no small task – especially if you have hundreds, or thousands of links pointing to your site from spam blog networks, article marketing, link directories or exchanges, or just about anything else that did not really occur based on the merit of your website or content.  And no, you can not simply disavow all of them. They do expect you to try to make a genuine effort to undo those mistakes.

Link Removal & Disavow Help Is Here

At Ker Communications, we do a lot of SEO & link audits and penalty recovery work. As a result, we are very experienced in determining which links are “good”, which are “bad”, and which ones are just “risky but may be helping”.  We also know how to find and contact the webmasters of the sites that link to yours, and request link removals that actually get some of them removed. If you have ever tried to contact the webmasters of domains with names like, you know how difficult that can be.

Ker Communications’ Link Removal Service is what you need if you find yourself facing a link-based penalty or have been hit by the Penguin algorithm update.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each domain that links to your website is visited and each link to your website is evaluated by a real person who knows the difference between linkspam and good links based on a combination of a wide array of technical factors, relevancy, quality of content, and potential real referral traffic.
  • The webmasters of the sites that have the links that need to go are contacted to get them removed. Contact and removal are documented for inclusion in any Reconsideration Requests that are sent to Google.
  • Any links that are not able to be removed are Disavowed using a properly formatted disavow file.
  • For Manual Actions/Penalties, a Reconsideration Request is written specifically for your site and submitted. Google does not offer a reconsideration request option for Penguin and other algorithmic filters at this time.
  • If a manual action’s reconsideration request is denied, we will keep working on finding & removing more links based on the follow up information provided by Google. And we’ll go through the whole process of requesting removals and disavowing as many times as necessary.

The link removal and disavow process is time consuming, and great care should be taken so that good links that are actually helping your site are not touched, and the ones that are dragging you down are removed.

How much does it cost to get rid of unwanted spammy backlinks?

The rate for link analysis and the removal/disavow process described above:
$10 per domain which links to your site.

That is per domain and not per link. In some cases you may have links from a site that is good, but also have one or more links on the same site which appear unnatural due to their usage of keywords as the anchor text. If necessary we will assess such a situation on a per-link basis. To determine the number of domains linking to yours, will be used. The only links that matter to Google are ones that are followed (i.e. do not have a nofollow tag attached to them.) To give you a quote, we determine how many domains have followed links to you and base our quote on the time it takes to evaluate that many links.

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