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PPC or Pay Per Click ads, such as Google’s Adwords, can be an excellent way to get highly targeted traffic to your website right away. Setting up a basic Adwords campaign is relatively easy, but making it really work well without wasting a lot of time and money is something that escapes many webmasters. It is very easy to get it wrong, resulting in lots of seemingly random clicks, or end up competing with your own site’s position in organic search – paying for search visibility you already have. Adwords, like anything else in internet marketing, is not just about keywords. Choosing the right advertising medium, creating good ad copy or display ads, and properly matching the right keywords to the best ads to the most appropriate pages all lead to a productive Adwords campaign.

Get More for Less – Stop Throwing Money Away

A fully trained, experienced, professional Adwords expert can often minimize the amount you spend on PPC search and display advertising – yet increase and improve traffic and/or conversion rates.
“Pay Per Click” is not really an accurate description of Adwoords any more. Adwords bidding strategies can be implemented with a variety of Conversion Optimization options where you only pay when people who have clicked on your ads take a specific action on your site – call, submit a form, order something…

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Supplementing SEO with PPC Advertising

A well planned PPC campaign can also expand the reach of your web presence when your online advertising campaign is coordinated with other inbound marketing, like SEO. PPC and SEO can have a great working relationship where the Ads fill in the sometimes inevitable gaps in keyword based searches – or even keep the business afloat while a search engine penalty gets sorted out.  We can also use the data available in Adwords to improve an SEO campaign’s keyword targeting.
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Adwords has many options which may or may not be right for your business – local targeting, remarketing, product listing ads (PLA), display network, phone call ads and call tracking, and they keep adding more… Ker Communications in Pittsburgh, PA is an official Certified Google Partner, so you know you are getting Adwords help from someone who knows.
Please read this “Working with a Third Party” disclosure from Google, which explains what you can expect from your third-party Google partner.

How much does it cost?

Ker Communications’ Adwords campaign management rate is 15% of your monthly Adwords budget, plus an initial start up fee. For example, if you decide you want to spend $2000 on Adwords for the month, our fee to manage your campaign is $300*. Ker Communications is not paid “per-click”, but at that flat rate for the month.
The start up fee varies depending on the size and scope of the campaign. The minimum set up charge is $300.
*The minimum monthly fee for managing Adwords is $200. Less than that would not cover enough time on the job to properly manage your campaign.


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