Inbound Marketing

Value Attracts

Inbound Marketing agency - PittsburghInbound Marketing is all about earning the attention of prospects by providing value though information, useful resources or entertainment; rather than aggressively marketing “at” them. Establish your brand while making your website and other digital assets easy to find through content-driven SEO and Social Media, and attract customers by producing great content that your audience and customers value.

SEO, social media, blogs and other forms of content marketing can all be part of inbound marketing. A good inbound strategy ties it all together into an effective online community presence and attracts the right kind of visitor to your site. 

Inbound Marketing is not a quick fix replacement for outdated SEO, or something to do in your spare time. It is a very successful long term strategy which takes a lot of time and dedication. Most businesses can’t spare the time to drop everything and effectively execute an inbound strategy. Ker Communications, the Pittsburgh inbound marketing agency that is actually in Pittsburgh, can work with you to develop and implement the inbound digital marketing plan that will work best to achieve your goals.
You will learn quite a few things along the way, too.

Is Inbound Marketing a Proven Method or Just The Latest Hype?

“Inbound” may be just the latest trending buzzword to describe the evolution of search marketing into something more social and content-driven, but it is exactly what we have been doing all along…

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