Content Marketing

Great Content is KingGood content. You have to have it to succeed on the web. Just being online is not enough to make your business stand out from the competition. The days of mindlessly adding keyword-rich, substance-poor articles to your website and calling it “quality content” simply because it wasn’t plagiarised, are over. If your website is currently filled with “SEO copy” that really doesn’t do anything for your site’s visitors and is just there for the search engines – consider hiring a professional content marketing agency.

Content Marketing is one of the latest buzzwords that many SEOs and online marketers are using to describe the creation and promotion of well-planned and very useful digital assets as a part of a holistic inbound marketing strategy. Your website should aim for an “all killer, no filler” content marketing strategy.

That means you can not get away with simply publishing a generic blog post once in a while and expect good things to happen. Google and other search engines want to show their users the pages which are the best answers to the searcher’s query. To rank well above thousands or millions of other pages on the same topic, a page’s content needs to actually be among the best of its kind to stand out from the crowd.

If you do already have great content that people will love, you are halfway there. Content itself is not going to attract new customers. The content itself should be marketed so the right people see it. Make it known to people who could help spread the word about your business, or make your pitch directly to the people who are your would-be customers. Both, really.

Unlike older forms of SEO, content marketing is not a push-button programatic solution that can be automated. Well, technically it can be automated, but unless your content generating software is really talented and is capable of fully understanding your audience and writing for them in a way that helps you achieve your desired results – and is capable of marketing it all effectively, it won’t work very well.

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