SEO Consulting by Phone


No Contracts, No Commitment – Just the SEO Answers You Need

Many people are capable of doing SEO themselves, without a long term contract with a consultant or SEO company.
You have a good grasp of the basics of search engine optimization, you are handling your own inbound marketing & social media, and making changes to your website yourself. But sometimes you run into something that you just can’t figure out and can’t find reliable SEO information online to answer your question.

Here to Help

We have been answering emails, helping people on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, as well as answering quick “do it yourself SEO” questions by phone and will continue to do so. Sharing knowledge freely is part of the Ker Communications business model, but the phone calls tend to cut into the time dedicated to long-term projects and other day to day operations. “Just a quick question” often turns into a half hour or longer, with problems solved and a good deed for the day is done.
But we can’t give everything away, so a compromise was needed.

Phone Consultations

“Just a quick question…”
If you have a question that is too specific to find a simple answer online or need advice on something more specific and potentially confusing, but don’t need a thorough website audit or long term commitment to get the answers, you can schedule a 30 minute consultation by phone or Skype for $75.
For example, you are pretty sure your site has been hit by Google’s Penguin algorithm update or an unnatural link penalty. You have researched which links to your site are likely to be a problem, tried to have some removed, and submitted a list to Google’s Disavow Links Tool. Now you just want to know if you did all of that the right way and want to talk to a knowledgable SEO consultant to go over the details.

Before the Call

We can fit a lot of useful information into a half hour call, but here are a couple of things to help make this work smoothly:

Be Prepared: Know what you need to talk about. Broad questions like, “why isn’t my site ranking for ____ keyword?” are not the kind of thing that can be answered quickly and would require a SEO audit and analysis to start to find the answers.
Questions like, “How do I add meta descriptions to my WordPress pages?” or “How do I make my site only show up with ‘’ instead of also showing up as ‘’ and does this matter?” are the type of questions that can be handled through these phone consultations.

Let Us Be Prepared: When you schedule your call, please give as many relevant details as possible. Some questions will require a little research. If you provide enough preliminary info, you can usually get the right answer during the call, rather than having to wait for a follow up to confirm something.

Schedule a Call

Note: This is for a one-time SEO consultation by phone. If you need a price quote on a website, social media, SEO or inbound marketing project, or have other questions about Ker Communications, please use the form on our contact page.
You do not need to pay $75 to request a quote for SEO services!