Nick Ker

Nick Ker - SEO SEO Consultant in Pittsburgh, PA

SEO is not a "to-do" list that just anyone can do. It is more like a state of mind - a way of looking at the presentation of information differently.
A slightly obsessive personality helps find those little things that make a big difference, too…

Not a Typical SEO Consultant

I am not going to tell you what you want to hear, unless you want to hear the truth.
Sometimes the truth is not pretty.

I have nothing to gain from lying to you. Unlike many so-called SEO consultants, I take pride in honestly helping my clients improve their websites and businesses, not in how much money I can make selling my services to anyone who thinks they need SEO.

I don't want to lie FOR you either. I once disliked the field of marketing. I saw it as an industry based on deception designed to get people to buy things they do not need. The internet came along and I found opportunities to help people succeed online by effectively conveying an honest message through a combination of creativity, problem solving, technical skill and constant agile learning.
That SEO and inbound marketing can enable the "little guy" can take on even the largest corporate competitors appeals to my anti-establishment tendencies… and I am really good at it.

I am no fan of cheesy "networking" which is little more than compiling a list of people you think you can use. I don't like meet & greets, back-patting business awards ceremonies, or other schmooze-fests; and I rarely carry my business cards (which have no job title on them).
However, building solid relationships with like minded people who can help each other because it is a good thing to do (not just because of what might be done in return) - that is more my style.

I am not happy unless I learn something new every single day. I like to share what I know. You can benefit from the array of seemingly unrelated knowledge I have acquired as a result of that.

I take great satisfaction in finding effective solutions to problems, especially when I can do it without wasting a lot of time or money.

I do not like bullshit. You won't get any from me. But the current state of SEO is that there is an awful lot of misinformation, and things that are actually true often sound just like bullshit. I guess you will have to take my word for it.

I realize that this makes little sense. A guy who is hung up on honesty and doesn't like marketing is a highly effective SEO consultant? Right. Oh, it gets better: I am good at what I do at least partly because of things I learned from punk rock.

“It may seem odd to claim a background in punk rock or any kind of music as marketing experience, but the do it yourself, low/no budget promotion, home-made merchandising, way outside the box thinking and the extensive word of mouth networking that made it happen are extremely useful for any business – especially now that word of mouth travels so much further than ever with social media. I also try to maintain the grassroots integrity from that scene as well as the ingenuity, originality and spirit of innovation. I still come up with cutting edge solutions that don’t require a massive corporate budget”.

Here are articles written by Nick Ker, SEO Consultant and Creative Technologist (that's a snazzy buzzword for SEO, web designer/developer, social media manager, content publicist, troubleshooter, internet visibility problem solver, online public relations guy, message crafter, broken website fixer, and chief burrito roller) at Ker Communications in Pittsburgh, PA.

If you need an expert to improve the quality and visibility of your web presence and "improve ROI through SEO" in Pittsburgh or anywhere in the world, Nick is your guy.