Do It Yourself SEO – DIY

DIY SEO - Do It YourselfWhile Search Engine Optimization and link building for websites in very competitive marketing niches is usually best left to a professional SEO, much of the basic search engine optimization can be done “DIY” by a webmaster with above average web development knowledge, some common sense, and accurate SEO information.

Handling your own search engine optimization can save you money and keep all the responsibility for what may go wrong in your own hands. But keep in mind much more can and will go wrong when you try to do SEO yourself, and there is a steep learning curve. No two websites have the exact same needs, so there is no easy checklist of things to do to fully optimize a website. If you have the time and are willing to risk missing some opportunities or making some critical mistakes, you may be able to make some progress toward better visibility without professional SEO help. Good search engine marketing professionals constantly learn new things, stay aware of the latest algorithm updates, and have the experience to know what to look for when problems arise. If your website has lots of strong competition, doing search engine optimization yourself may not be the best choice. Your competitors may have hired someone who doesn’t have to spend time learning on the job, so they have a head start. Chances are, your competitor’s SEO company will know a bit more than you about SEO.

However, if you have little competition, following basic web design and SEO best practices; and making sure your site is well-made and its content is truly unique and good quality – and promoting it within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – that can be good enough to get things moving forward.

Below are some articles which may help your Do It Yourself SEO plan…