SEO Service Plans and Prices


“How much does good SEO cost?”

The Short Answer: “It depends.”

The cost of SEO varies greatly from one website to the next. Every business has unique needs and goals. For example, a small “Mom & Pop” local business may not need anything close to the budget that an online retailer trying to compete with Walmart or Amazon will require. Therefore, every SEO strategy we develop is also unique.

We are a little reluctant to fall into the “bronze, silver, gold” method of pricing SEO services – does anyone ever really say “I don’t want your best work, I just want mediocre”?!
Of course not, but you would like to know how much SEO services will cost and you have a budget to stick to.

It’s all about time…

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy in SEO. Every business is different, which means every campaign needs to be different. Since no two sites will need exactly the same things to get more from organic search, our packages and SEO retainer agreements are not based on a list of fixed-price tasks or products. They are based on time. If you invest more in your SEO retainer, you get more time allocated to your project.

The following SEO Plans should be viewed as starting points or “ball park” estimates of how much SEO will cost for your website.
Sometimes you will need something more than one of these packages offers, sometimes you will need less.
Please don’t feel as if you must choose a cookie-cutter solution or that these are your only options. Very few clients fit exactly into one of these.
We will do what is right for you, within a realistic budget.  “To each according to his needs…”

Basic SEOSEO (very) Basic:

“Dude, where’s my website?”
Get the details about this SEO quick fix-up…

You have a relatively new website that has been online for more than a month or two but still only shows up in Google searches when you type in your exact domain name — or not at all. This is one of those rare situations in SEO where it probably is just one or two little things causing the issue — the basic technical stuff your designer or developer should have done but did not.
The SEO (very) Basic plan is designed to give your website the solid foundation it needs for search engines to index your site. If you are the “Do It Yourself” type and made your own site, choose this plan to have us check your work and do the things that you don’t think you can do.
If Ker Communications builds your site, the basics are all included, of course. If some one else made your site, we’ll straighten things up and get you pointed in the right direction whether you plan on continuing working with us or not. Honestly, you should probably go back to your web designer or web developer and ask why these things were not done in the first place. But if you want to make sure it is done right, or you are considering further search engine optimization and inbound marketing in the future, let Ker Communications take care of your basic SEO needs the right way, right now. We’ll also advise you on anything we think you should do next.

  • Basic SEO Analysis of Website Structure and Content
  • Meta Descriptions, Title Tags — set up or optimize existing
  • Set up of Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics
  • General Website Content, Structure and Design RecommendationsSEO “best practices”

This very basic SEO set up is NOT likely to propel your website to number one in Google searches unless you are targeting some very unique key phrases. However, this “light” version of our SEO Audit will give your site the basic foundation needed to get listed in Google.


This package has been discontinued as it provided little value, as described — yet many people expected this non-plan to deliver on promises that were never made by Ker Communications. Description is left intact until we have time to rewrite this page.
If you think this option fit your needs, let’s start with a Technical SEO Audit to find out what exactly is preventing your site from showing up in Google.

Contact us for details

Find and Fix SEO Audit“Find & Fix” SEO Audit

“Now THAT’S what I call optimization”
More about this thorough on-page optimization…

The “Find & Fix” option takes our comprehensive SEO audit to the next level. With the standard SEO audit, you get a report and guide to all of the issues your site has so you can fix up your website yourself. If you choose this “Find & Fix” package, WE do the work. That way you’ll know it was all done correctly, and we’ll probably discover even more things to improve while we work on those initial findings. We’ll meet with you (by phone, email, in person if you are local…… whatever works best) to gain a solid understanding of your business model and current marketing efforts so we can really dig in and fine tune your web site and your SEO strategy. This package is also good if you want Ker Communications to take care of the technical stuff, and you can manage your own content, social media and link building.

  • Includes everything from the Basic package (see above)
  • Site-Wide Keyword Analysis — we will find and optimize for your best search terms
  • Site-wide On Page Optimization — “technical tweaks” for SEO and accessibility
  • Performance Optimization — improve page loading time if possible
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools set up
  • Analytics review and report (once per month with maintenance option)
  • Content and Website Design & Structure Recommendations
Start Up Price: Starting at $1200 for smaller sites (up to about 10-15 pages)

Sometimes a thorough on-site tune up like our Find & Fix is all you need. So we like to start with that, and then see how much more work will be needed to reach your goals. This is one of the few “one-off” SEO services we offer. The cost of any ongoing SEO you may need will vary, and length of service is up to you, but a minimum of three months is highly recommended.
Contact us for details

Web Presence ManagementComplete Web Presence Management Retainer Agreement

“This is where the magic happens”
Get the details about our SEO Retainer Agreements

Well, no magic, really. Just good SEO, quality content & design, insightful social media presence and innovative, intelligent marketing all working together perfectly. OK, maybe that is magic.
The Complete Web Presence Management service retainer is like having your own in-house SEO and Online Marketing department. We’ll manage your SEO campaign, and handle any search engine, backlink, social media, or other important developments as they arise. We will take care of things specific to your business, too (like Yelp for restaurants). Think of it as having your own SEO experts, technical consultants and content creators on retainer. Many times, we only need to do some of these things intensively at first, with the most critical elements receiving continued attention. We will re-assess your needs on an ongoing basis for the most efficient use of your resources and ours, so the rate for the premium package can often be reduced over time once your goals are sufficiently met. A complete inbound marketing campaign is not for everyone — it requires a high level of dedication and a budget to get it all done. If you are in a very competitive market and want to be on top, this is what you want.

What is included?

Other SEO companies blindly go through check lists of time-wasting activities that have no effect on your bottom line. We’re very good at discovering and taking advantage of areas that will make a real difference. Depending on your needs and your budget, a Web Presence Management Retainer typically includes many of the following things, as well as a few things nobody thought of yet:

  • Includes everything from the Basic and Performance packages above
  • Content Development
  • Periodic search term review and reporting — what are your customers looking for?
  • Content changes based on findings — we’ll make sure it is clear you have what they’re looking for
  • Smart, safe off-site promotion that is appropriate for your site
  • Ongoing analysis of SEO performance
  • Geographically targeted marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Competition Analysis
  • Ongoing site monitoring for maximum SEO effectiveness and competitive marketing results
  • Google Adwords PPC and other paid advertising (optional, not always recommended)
  • Analytics Review and Reporting

How Retainers Work

When you enter into a retainer agreement with Ker Communications, you are paying in advance for a set amount of time which will be allocated to a variety of tasks, tailored to your goals. Productive SEO retainer agreements typically have a minimum monthly budget of $2000.
We can do it cheaper, but it will take longer since we would have to cut out some of the content or time committed to the project.

Price: Contact us for a quote on a campaign

Local SEOLocal Small Business SEO Start-Up:

“I don’t want to rule the world, just my metropolitan area”
Get the details about Local SEO…

Local small businesses have a unique situation — incredible results in the local search engine results can be achieved with a little less effort than it takes to rank a global company.  We use the same innovative website optimization techniques that help the big guys rule the world, combined with the latest off-site signals that let Google know where you are, what you do, and that yours is the best business to show in the search results. Since your site will be in good shape, you will be in a good position to grow much larger in time, if that is on your horizon.
If you run a small or sole proprietor business, there is a good chance that many of your competitors either have not heard of search engine optimization or think they can not afford it. Or maybe they have even used cheap SEO services which did more harm than good. That means you have a great opportunity to ensure that customers find you first in the search engine results with Ker Communications’ affordable Small Business SEO plan. We have mastered the art/science of local SEO for small business and can provide you with top quality SEO services at almost offshore prices. Ker Communications’ Local Small Business SEO Start-Up will get you the best possible search engine results positions, frustrate your competitors and leave them wondering how you could afford to do it.

  • Includes everything from the Basic package above
  • Site-Wide Keyword Analysis — we will find and optimize for your best search terms
  • Analytics set up
  • Analytics review and report (once per month with maintenance option)
  • Full On-Site Optimization — technical and content “tweaks” for SEO and accessibility
  • Website Content and Design Recommendations
  • Google Places/Maps/Local, Bing Local, Yahoo Local set up (if you already have these, we’ll make sure they are in good shape)
  • Set Up or Update Local Directory Listings and other “citations”
  • Locally targeted outreach for links to your site
Price: $1500 for Local SEO Start-Up*

Get Started

That is not $1500 per month, that’s 3 months for $1500.
Why not just call it $500 a month?!
One month of SEO is not very likely to do the job well. Despite what all those spam emails you get say, SEO is not magic and you probably won’t be #1 for everything in a week. In the past, we have charged monthly rates for local SEO and no matter how many times we said how long it will take to get the best results, clients still expected to be on top at the end of the first month. Good SEO will take some time to show results.

Our local small business clients can usually expect to be on page one of local Google searches for the primary search terms relevant to your site within about 3 months. Traffic will increase and improve during this time while your rankings climb. With this Local SEO plan, we will do the necessary on page optimization and appropriate citation and link outreach to get you there within that timeframe. In the event that you need further SEO to target additional key phrases or expand to a wider geographical area, ongoing local SEO starts at $800 per month.

*Note: This is for targeting your local market only with searches like “Pittsburgh SEO consultant” or “SEO company in Pittsburgh”. If you want to reach a larger audience, please see the SEO Performance Tune Up or Complete Web Presence Management shown below.

“Fine Print” Disclaimer:  There are a few industries which require significantly more effort and are not eligible for this rate. These include: most law firm websites, real estate, restaurants, car dealerships, and other highly competitive businesses which would be better off with Complete Web Presence Management. Websites that have already incurred a penalty or have “disappeared” from search results due to an algorithm update like Panda or Penguin are also not eligible for this plan. You will need a penalty & traffic drop analysis.

Contact us for details

Full SEO AuditFull Website SEO Audit

“Find out what is working and what is not.”
Get a Website SEO Review

This is not like one of those automatic “type in your URL and we’ll tell you things that don’t mean much” free SEO analysis tools you have probably tried. A Ker Communications Website SEO Review is a thorough analysis of your website and a full report with detailed explanations and actionable information to guide you in improving your website’s visibility in search.

All the on page factors that influence search results will be analyzed, making sure your website meets Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Includes a thorough evaluation of the quality of your incoming link profile. Useful, actionable recommendations will be made on everything from site structure and navigation to “next steps” for future improvement to your inbound marketing and SEO efforts.

SEO Audit includes (but is not limited to):

  • Analysis of your site’s essential on page SEO elements
  • Indexing/Crawlability — Are search engines finding everything they should find?
  • Thorough review of your website’s design, structure and function
    • Technical and Code Issues
    • Design Implications on SEO
    • Internal and External Linking Strategy
    • User Experience/Accessibility Recommendations
  • Content Strategy Review — How good/unique is it? Does it suit your goals?
  • Keyword Analysis — Using the right keywords? Overusing them?
  • Off Page SEO  — Incoming link report, social media presence overview
  • “Next Steps” advice for on-page, content strategy and link building
  • Follow Up Consultation

You do not have to commit to further services. If you do want to have us handle your search engine optimization needs, we will deduct the price of the audit from the cost of ongoing SEO.

How this works:

Place your order and we will send you an invoice.
After the invoice is paid, you will receive a confirmation and additional questions about your website.
Upon receiving your answers, we’ll get started. You will receive your complete report in about 2-3 weeks. Then, we will follow up to make sure you understand everything and schedule a call if you need further explanation.

SEO Audit: $800

Order SEO Audit

Google Penalty AnalysisGoogle Penalty Analysis, Remediation and Webspam Rehabilitation

“I swear, I didn’t mean to violate Google’s Quality Guidelines… well, except that one time.”
Get a Google Penalty Diagnosis…

Penguin, Panda, a manual action against “unnatural links” (outbound or inbound), or some unknown algorithm update… We aren’t here to pass judgement, but we may be able to help you get out of the Google penalty box.
Fixing the causes and taking the right steps to recover from a Google penalty won’t be easy. You absolutely must be committed to getting back on track and doing SEO the right way from now on.

Learn more about
Penalty Recovery and Link Removal/Disavow services

Hourly SEO ConsultingSEO Consulting

“Sometimes you just need answers, advice or someone to settle a bet…”
Got SEO Questions?

Ask us about as-needed consulting rates for SEO, internet marketing and social media. We know stuff.

Schedule a Phone Consultation

Phone ConsultationJust have a quick question about SEO and your website?
If you would like a phone consultation about one specific issue, but are not a current client and don’t need a thorough analysis or SEO campaign, you can schedule a 30 minute phone consultation for $75.
Otherwise, use the form below to schedule a call to discuss retaining Ker Communications as your SEO provider.

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