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 Posted by on September 30, 2010
May 17, 2017

Pittsburgh internet marketing SEO successWe take pride in good marketing results.

Many SEO consultants you will encounter are reluctant to tell you about their results.
Maybe they fear giving away their “secrets”.
We don’t have to worry about that because Ker Communications is powered by
talent, skills and experience – not magic tricks.

are two recent Ker Communications local business
internet marketing video and SEO success stories:

(EDIT: These are a little old – from September 2010.)
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One of our newest clients recently achieved Google Page 1 search results for several of their preferred search terms. Sometimes a business does not need all of our resources to start seeing results. For Pittsburgh Wedding Planning, the main goal was to increase Google rank for specific keywords. All it took was one of our optimized videos and some SEO and website design house cleaning. The website needed work on the meta tags and titles, the content was keyword stuffed (too many keywrods, too little quality content), there were very few quality backlinks, and a few SEO essentials had been overlooked by the web designer. Before working with Ker Communications, the preferred keywords were either not showing the site in Google searches at all, or so far down the list that we thought the site may have been blacklisted due to bad SEO. Now a search for “Pittsburgh wedding photographers” and many other key phrases brings to Page 1.

What we did:

  • Video Production and Video Distribution – Produced a short marketing video, set up Pittsburgh Wedding Planning’s channel on YouTube and several other video sites
  • SEO Consulting – recommended and implemented changes to the site, social media and backlinking recommendations


  • SERP Page One Results for several highly competitive keywords
  • New Brand Exposure

Sad News:After discontinuing our services, the site’s owner decided that wasn’t good enough and bought thousands of links from a spam vendor specializing in wedding business sites. Our hard work to promote the site the right way was wasted, and the business had to start over with a new website. A wedding planner can help a couple have a great wedding, but it is up to the couple to keep the marriage working.

Chef Dato’s Table, on the other hand, received Ker Communications’ Complete Web Presence Management services. They also got top Google rankings for several competitive search terms such as “best restaurant in Latrobe”. Not too shabby for a restaurant which is only a few months old and is competing with several long time local favorites. Here are more full details about Ker Communications restaurant marketing and promotion. We can do this for just about any business, but Pittsburgh area restaurants should definitely take note:
Ker Communications can help fill tables in your restaurant and here is the proof.

What we did:

  • Video Production Video Distribution – Produce a weekly web show, set up channels on YouTube and several other video sites and aggressively promote the videos
  • Content Creation – frequent relevant and SEO-friendly blog updates in addition to the videos
  • Website Makeover – Several “under the hood” performance and SEO optimizations, as well as cosmetic and functional changes to an existing website.
  • Complete Web Presence Management – a thorough social media campaign, FaceBook Page management, social bookmarking, and management of online reviews and check-in sites like Urbanspoon, Yelp, Foursquare, Google Maps, etc.
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization


  • SERP Page One Results for several competitive search phrases
  • Website traffic boost of at least 400%
  • A very successful restaurant opening
  • Greatly improved customer engagement – greatly increased following and interaction on social media networks
  • Several local business awards  – well, ok, the chef, his food and his restaurant won the awards but I am sure we had something to do with that 😉

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