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intelligent comments welcomeOne of the great things about a blog is that it gives readers the opportunity to get involved and have a say. The downside is that it also gives spammers and other malicious types an opportunity to do whatever it is they think they are doing. To combat comment spam and other unwanted junk, Ker Communications uses the Disqus comment system on the blog. You can login with a Disqus profile, as well as some of the major social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). You can also comment without registering, but you will need to give an email address and your comment will be held for moderation.

Discussion, ideas, additions and even well-reasoned arguments are welcome here. Opinions which differ from the author’s will not be ignored or filtered out, but be certain you know what you are talking about. There is enough misinformation on the internet already, so if you post something that is misleading, or just plain wrong, you can count on it being pointed out. We don’t know everything, and SEO topics in particular often have several differing points of view. Theorizing and debunking those theories helps everyone learn and grow. If you think something is wrong, say so! 

Otherwise, comments are only blocked if any of the following apply:

  • Link Spam: If your comment just says “Nice post. Check out”, it probably won’t be published. If your comment is full of links that are not relevant to the article, it probably won’t make it. If your comment adds something useful to the conversation, but you drop irrelevant links into it, the links will be removed. Sensible, relevant links are allowed, but don’t get too excited. They are nofollow in Disqus.
    Most comments that contain links will be automatically held for moderation.
  • Spammy User Name: Your favorite SEO keyword is not an acceptable name. If you don’t want to use your full name, that is fine. Keyword User Name comments may be published, but your fake name will be ridiculed and most people won’t take your comment seriously.
  • Extreme cases where the username is a domain in an attempt to get a link, it will probably not be published.
  • “Hate Speech” and Obscenity: While censorship sucks, we don’t have to let every foul-mouthed jackass spout out any brain-fart that happens to bubble up to the top. Racism, xenophobia, sexism, and that sort of thing will NOT be tolerated.

So join the conversation, have fun, and let’s all learn something.

Sometimes the conversation happens on Google+ or Facebook, too. So be sure to check out what’s happening there.