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Pittsburgh SEO company, Ker Communications provides full service digital marketing, SEO consulting, social media and website design services to a variety of companies and organizations around the world. We are located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA (South Park Township to be precise) and we love the Burgh – and we love helping local businesses succeed online.

Local Commitment

There are thousands of website designers, SEO consultants, social media agencies and internet marketing companies to choose from, but sometimes you just want to do business locally. If you are looking for great service and results in online marketing and you want to find the best SEO services in Pittsburgh, look no further than Ker Communications.


That does not mean we are just a Pittsburgh SEO company. We are making a difference everywhere!

From the very beginning, Ker Communications has been all about optimizing websites, and doing online marketing and SEO the right way. Ker Communications is firmly rooted in helping real businesses grow in effective, responsible ways – not trying by to find temporary loopholes in the Google’s search ranking algorithms, tricking customers with nonsensical link-fraud strategies. or other employ shady tactics that put your website at risk like many of the internet marketing firms in the Pittsburgh area continue to do.

If your business needs help getting locally targeted SEO traffic for your website or managing your social media, our solid familiarity with the people, places, culture and even the unique language of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania can make all the difference in the world.

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Pittsburgh SEO is Not MagicSEO is not magic, but a bad decision can make your website disappear from Google’s search results.

SEO Pittsburgh: Real Branding Value vs Short-Term Keyword Tricks

A word about finding trustworthy SEO services:
When searching in any geographic location, you will find several search results for key phrases with the city name attached to it like, “SEO Pittsburgh”. Some of the search results for these simple queries really are among the best in the region, but many are simply people who found a “get rich online” scheme in which they just set up a generic website, often filled with plagiarized content claiming things like belonging to “mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEOs” (Google that phrase and you’ll see lots of these bogus so-called SEOs who all bought the same get rich quick scheme), and use fraudulent tactics to rank for keywords like “Pittsburgh SEO”. If they are stealing other people’s hard work to use on their own website, you can bet they won’t have any regard for laws and ethics when representing an unsuspecting customer.

The good news is that Google will eventually catch up with them and they will disappear.
The bad news is that the websites and money of the unsuspecting people who hired them are also likely to vanish before that happens.
Yeah… SEO magic indeed.