More Is Not Always Better

How Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Bad in Online Marketing

More SEO Does Not Equal Better SEO

There is a tendency among website owners and marketers to believe that if something is good for SEO or internet marketing, a lot more of it is better. Whether it is keywords, incoming links, blog articles or more content for SEO; the pursuit of high quantities of everything regardless of quality is counterproductive and can even be destructive.

The belief that more SEO is better probably stems from traditional marketing like direct mail where there was usually a small conversion rate, so mailing more brochures or postcards was one way to get more leads. It also comes from the tendency of marketing bloggers to take one phrase uttered by someone at Google, like “regularly updated content” and interpreting that to mean “everyone MUST blog at least once per day or Google will ignore your website”. Where did they get that idea – and why did so many people make that the foundation of their SEO without making sure it is true?!

Here are some myths and misconceptions that deserve a more rational look.

Sometimes more SEO isn’t better…

Goldilocks SEO: Optimized Means "Just Right"

SEO should fall into a Goldilocks safe zone - not too little, not too much - just right.

optimized definition

Choose quality over quantity throughout your online marketing strategy.
SEO, social media and the content of the website itself are all areas where the temptation to do too much of a good thing can be harmful. Instead, focus first on providing the best quality products or services, on having a website that reflects that quality, and then treat your website and business as the good things they are throughout your online marketing efforts.
People will recognize quality - and so will Google.

More Is Not Always Better in Online Marketing & SEO by Nick Ker