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Local SEO, Search Marketing & Web Design for Small Business


Local SEOA good web presence can be the best investment a business can make. It can be like having an awesome sales team, all of your best marketing materials, a 24 hour storefront space, a marketing analyst and smoothest customer service professional – available any place, any time. The return on investment can be amazing.

And that’s the catch for small businesses – the Investment. If you provide a product or service to a limited local area or can only serve so many customers at a time, is it really worth spending $10,000 on web design and another few thousand dollars per month to make sure you rank higher than your competitors in Google and other search engine results? If you can afford that and are planning on staying in business for a while, then yes, a great website, search engine optimization and online marketing plan are well worth it. Unlike print or broadcast media advertising, a website is dynamic and will be there for you as long as you want it to. It doesn’t expire at the end of the week (unless you don’t pay your hosting bills). If you have a small business like a hair salon, a restaurant, or a plumbing and heating company serving only part of the Pittsburgh area, how many new customers will you need to get to pay for it? It is a “Catch 22”  - great return on investment, but in this struggling economy you can not afford the investment!  You can do it all yourself, but it does take skill, knowledge and time – even more time if you don’t already have the skills and knowledge.

It just isn’t fair!

At Ker Communications, we get that. That is why we offer affordable web design and SEO solutions for small businesses who want to target a specific local area. Now your company can have a professionally built website and competition crushing SEO that normally costs several times your marketing budget – for less than the cost of a few weekly newspaper ads.

Here are some small business internet marketing options from Ker Communications:

Localized SEO for Small Businesses

Even small companies doing business mostly in their local area can get incredible results and dominate the search engine results pages with less effort than a big company competing globally.  We use the same innovative, ethical “white hat” optimization techniques that help the big guys rule the world – but we scale them down for precision targeting in your city or metropolitan area. Not only will you rule your regional market, but you will be in a good position to grow much larger in time.

Local Small Business SEO as low as 3 months for $1200

That is not $1200 per month, that’s 3 months for $1200.
Why not $400 a month? One month of SEO is not very likely to do the job well. Good SEO will take some time to show results. Despite what all those spam emails you get say, SEO is not magic and you probably won’t be #1 for everything in a week. In the past, we have charged monthly rates for local SEO and no matter how many times we said how long it will take to get the best results, clients still expected to be on top at the end of the first month.
Our Local SEO Startup plan usually takes about 3 months to get a local small business website onto page one for searches for your products or services, sometimes a little faster. If you have some strong competition, additional time may be needed to achieve top results. 
(Note: this is for targeting your local market for phrases like “Pittsburgh SEO companies“.
If you want to reach a larger audience, look at our other SEO options)

Small Business Starter Website

You know you need to be on the web, but you just don’t have the funds or the time to do it yourself. We can build you a great looking basic website or blog that will be a solid foundation to build upon later. We will put the same care and quality work into your site as we do the larger projects because this is an opportunity to invest our time and talent in you. We do great work for you now, your business grows, you come to us when you need to us to do more.
Basic Website Design starting at $800
What about those commercials on TV for cheap or free websites? Some of those are actually OK if you aren’t planning on growing. We have encountered some instant websites that are nearly impossible to change yourself, and the company charges excessive fees to make minor changes. When you find enough reasons to move up to a “real” website, you may not be able to take it with you and you’ll have to start over. Some “high end” platforms for local business and specific niches like real estate and attorneys operate the same way, so read the fine print to make sure you own your website.

How Can We Offer Such Cheap SEO and Web Design?

We already have low prices for SEO and Web Design because we keep our overhead low and our workflow is extremely efficient.   When you work with Ker Communications, you know that you are not paying the rent on an overpriced storefront in a trendy part of town, or for extravagant office props like a big aquarium, enough big screen TVs to open up a sports bar, or a gourmet coffee bar in the lounge. Those things are there to make prospective clients feel special and important, but they do not do anything useful for your web site, your internet marketing strategy or your business.

For smaller local businesses, we have further streamlined our most effective SEO methods. This allows us to help you succeed on the web for less. And again, we hope to be with you as our website design and internet marketing services help you grow your business.

Let’s get started!