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Fundraising – Fundraising Website

This site helps people who need to raise money for things like medical expenses, adoption, and other personal charities. There are plenty of competitors in the field of online fundraising, so there was some catching up to do in the search engine results pages. When we started, the site was just barely ready for prime time. The website had been online for a few months but really had not caught on as well as something like this should. It needed lots of code clean up in addition to our usual top-notch on-page optimization. We also started spreading the word via social media, and some public relations outreach for link building. This case study is not purely SEO but is really a combination of SEO and an improved social media presence. For that reason, here are graphs of both the Organic Search traffic and All Traffic, which also includes those visitors who are referred from YouCaring’s rapidly expanding social media following.
And to be even more humble about it, this is another example of a client whose online presence grows and they get lots of links by doing cool things. We just make it easier for them to do, and we make sure everyone knows about it. 


This client profile was originally written in March of 2012. A lot has changed since then, and YouCaring is now one of the leading crowdfunding sites in the world.
The images below reflect only the beginning of YouCaring’s growth.
Read what the founder of YouCaring has to say about Ker Communications here.

All Traffic:

traffic increase


Organic Search Traffic:

Organic Search Traffic

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