Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO“Ethical SEO” is search engine optimization done right. It is kind of a strange phrase, usually used by “questionable” SEO providers in an attempt to make their services seem safer.
Similarly, shady SEOs often claim to be “white hat”, meaning they only do things within Google’s guidelines, even though they are knowingly doing things that would be considered “black hat”.
The better SEO service providers rarely even mention what color hat they wear. While the smoke & mirrors crowd is busy pretending to be something they are not, the real, effective SEO people are hard at work helping businesses grow.

The problem is that anyone can say they are white hat or ethical, but will actually do all kinds of things that could cause problems for your website’s performance in Google’s search results. Many SEO companies claim to be ethical, while doing little more than spamming their own websites.

Follow the rules, stick to Google’s guidelines and you can stay in a good position in the search engine results without having to fear the latest algorithm updates.