The internet is on the go.

Usage of mobile devices like iPhones, Androids and various tablets like iPads, is growing at a very fast pace. Surprisingly, many businesses are not reaping the benefits of the growth of mobile, and old fashioned marketing methods are not keeping up.

While your business may not have a need for an aggressive mobile marketing approach including things like an app or txt message marketing, the growth of the mobile web makes a few things absolutely necessary. Your website should be mobile friendly and have a responsive design which adapts to different screen sizes. Your paid search advertising could benefit from campaigns which are customized based on whether the customer is using a computer or an iPhone – or even where they are whenever they are searching (which is nearly all of the time!). Even your SEO strategy should take advantage of the rapid expansion of mobile.

Here, you will find things about mobile marketing, and mobile-friendly website design and marketing by Ker Communications…