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SEO Services - improve online visibility

At Ker Communications, Search Engine Optimization is a big part of just about everything we do. Websites are designed using current SEO best practices (or better), Social Media is managed with its impact on organic search as part of the plan.

We offer a variety of specialized SEO services, including Local Search Optimization, Small Business SEO, Website Analysis, Google Penalty Diagnosis, Long Term on monthly retainer, phone consultations for quick questions, and some other options. All of our search optimization services are custom designed to suit your needs, and never outsourced.

Here is an overview of Ker Communications’ Search Optimization Services:

Search Engine Visibility Packages

SEO Plans

The following SEO Plans should be viewed as starting points or “ball park” estimates. Sometimes you will need more than one of the packages offers, sometimes you will need less. We customize every SEO strategy to fit your needs...
SEO Road Map

SEO Audit and Website Analysis

If you have been doing SEO yourself, have an in-house team, or hired someone to do link building or optimization and are having some doubts about what has been done, this full website SEO audit is for you.
Local SEO

Local SEO & Search Marketing for Small Business

A good internet marketing plan can be the best investment a small business can make, but "good" usually is not cheap. Locally targeted search engine marketing can cost less than you may think…
Small Business SEO

SEO Services for Small Businesses

Many who say they specialize in small business marketing are either relatively new to the industry, or are unable to rank for other more competitive keywords… Ker Communications really does specialize in Small Business SEO, and here's why…
spam link removal

Link Removal Services

Our Link Removal Service is what you need if you find yourself facing a link-based penalty or have been hit by the Penguin algorithm update.
remove SEO penalty

Traffic Drop Diagnosis and SEO Penalty Recovery Services

“I swear, I didn't mean to violate Google's Quality Guidelines... well, except that one time."
SEO Hotline

SEO Consulting by Phone

If you have a question that is too complicated to find a simple answer online or need advice on something specific and potentially confusing, but don't need a thorough website audit to get the answers, schedule a consultation by phone…