SEO Services for Small Businesses


Small business owners have big ideas and big dreams.
At Ker Communications, big ideas come to life so dreams can be pursued.

Most internet marketing companies say they specialize in small business SEO. There are a few reasons for this. It is a heck of a lot easier to get a website to show up in Google searches for “SEO for Small Businesses” than just “SEO”, so a lot of consultants and companies that say they specialize in SMB marketing are either relatively new to the industry, or for some reason are unable to show up in Google searches for other more competitive and useful search terms. “Small business SEO (in whatever city name)” is relatively easy to target as a keyword.
Others like to work with small businesses because they think you may not be very experienced and you are an easy target. Not all are like this, but many are.

Ker Communications really does specialize in helping small businesses online, and here’s why…

I Know How It Is…

SEO for Small BusinessWhen I started Ker Communications, I was in a situation to which many small business owners can relate. I had very little operating capital (as in “none”), was managing a home for two kids and myself, and had no intention of remaining on the payroll of companies that were unwilling or unable to compensate me fairly for my time and expertise. I had skills and services which would be useful to others and knew I needed to do my own thing, but certainly could not afford to waste money on things that just do not work, or would not work for me. Even low cost hosting and domain registration decisions could have had a major impact on my personal finances.
On my low/no budget, I was able to build Ker Communications into an effective and reputable online marketing service provider in a relatively short time.

Freedom feels good, and I absolutely love helping other new entrepreneurs and startups achieve financial independence, make a living, or maybe even become more successful than you have ever been. I am not telling you this to imply that you’ll get rich overnight from working with Ker Communications. Like most things in business, it takes some time to do it right and build something that will last. Quick “wins” do happen, but good SEO or inbound marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. I just want you to know that I understand exactly where you are coming from and will do my best to do things efficiently and keep your SEO costs under control.

Ker Communications provides inbound marketing services to businesses and organizations of all sizes from solo professionals to major online retailers, but the needs and interests of “the little guy” are at the heart of what we do.

If your business primarily serves only your local area, find out more about our Local SEO services. If you are national or worldwide (or want to be), you’ll need a large scale strategy to match your goals, and we can keep it as cost-effective as possible. Most of our SEO services are fully customized to suit your needs, but some examples of  SEO plans are here.

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