May 17, 2017

Expert Insights on the Future of SEO
Yet another “Future of SEO” article – except this one actually has some things you should be thinking about if you are at all concerned about SEO.

Most of these things will not be new to you if you have been reading the Ker Communications blog or Google+.  Moving away from keywords as a measurement, making sites extremely efficient at delivering the content, bad SEO is bad, bad links are also bad, and the idea that EVERYTHING related to the website (the site itself, social media, links advertising, and even offline actions) have some type of effect the visibility of your site/entity… those are all ideas that have been at the core of Ker Communications from the beginning. ?

Do you have what it takes to succeed in the SEO of the future? Search industry veterans weigh in on how SEO will be different in 2015.
SEO experts
Expert Insights On The Future Of SEO

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