SEO and Social Media: Video

 Posted by on April 1, 2011
March 12, 2017

I just had a meeting with the boss. He was asking why our website does not bring in new customers. I think he is starting to suspect that I haven’t been promoting our business online, but have been watching videos. That double rainbow guy is a real hoot.

I thought you were good at web design. So what is the problem?

I AM good at website design, but we just don’t show up in Google when people search for our products and services.

Well, a website doesn’t help us if nobody can find it.

Um… right. That’s what HE said.

You know, there is a company who knows how to make websites that get results… or make OUR website get BETTER results.

Whaa?! Do tell!

Ker Communications can help. Ker Communications knows how to get our website to the top of Google searches and make sure we can be found before our competitors.

Wow. We should have called them first!

Do it now! Go to If you bring in Ker Communications, they will get the results we need and you will look like a hero. Ker Communications can handle all our internet marketing needs. Search engine optimization, website design, and they can even help us build a web presence in social media.

Social media? Like the double rainbow guy?

um… Maybe you should just let Ker Communications handle our social media too….And maybe you can get a shirt that isn’t painted on.
Nobody wants to see your nipples.

Video Transcript (click to read)

There are lots of ways to create some unique content without spending a lot of time or money.  Using some free online services, it took about 20 minutes to make this silly little video about website performance, SEO, social media stars, viral video, and Ker Communications.

Sure, we could have made one of those generic internet marketing videos that are the same old recycled graphics, charts and numbers with some lame music that make it look like a trailer for a really boring movie.  But those are just video spam and do not set a very good example of how to use video for inbound marketing. And we prefer to stand out from crowd.

It also made for an interesting test of how quickly content scrapers will pick up videos from YouTube, too. Just do a Google search for “SEO nipples” and you will see dozens of sites that picked up the video within hours, sometimes even including a link to the original or even to