Karma literally means action or doing. An intentional action whether physical, verbal, or mental, is regarded as Karma. It covers everything that is included in the phrase “thought, word and deed”. All good and bad action constitutes Karma.
Many people who are not subscribers of the Hindu or Buddhist philosophy also believe in Karma as the idea that when you do good or bad in the world, it comes back to you.

What does Karma have to do with online marketing?

In this modern era of social media and inbound marketing, where the actions and words of individual people can be just as important as the official statements and moves of a large corporate entity, the concept of Karma can be loosely applied to how the actions of a person or business can lead to similar actions, benefits or consequences in return. For example, doing good in the world can get an organization the attention it needs to thrive in social media, or the links it needs to improve findability in search engines. Smaller deeds can have the same effect.

At Ker Communications, we like to keep the concepts of “paying it forward” and “what you do will come back to you” in mind throughout our actions online and off, and in the inbound marketing strategies of our clients.

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