July 4, 2017

Help Make The Web Better*

When people want to get popular on the Web they often have the popularity itself as a goal while in reality it’s just a by-product of doing the right thing. What is the right thing on the Internet? Of course it’s making the Web a better place itself. You can help people a lot online without even meeting them. Also

you can help a lot of people at once without having to write, call or meet everybody individually.

When you take a look at people who are really popular on the Web other than celebrities who are already well known outside of it you’ll notice that theses people have contributed something of value that was so important that people simply adore them.

Just consider the term popular which in essence stems from the word people itself. So you have to impress many people to become popular.

Ideally you forget the popularity contest completely and just focus on improving the Web

in order to reach that goal. While at it you may even discover that you don’t need to become popular anymore or that you are already popular enough but do not want to stop helping people and improving the Web.

In order to help you help other people and make the Web a better place I made a list of actions you can perform to actually improve the Web right now with little effort.


  • Share your work under a Creative Commons license
  • Reblogretweetresharerepin something you love and point to the original source
  • Write a positive review of your favorite restaurant, bar or cafe you visit often
  • Express gratitude to someone by sharing their work with proper attribution
  • Share good news about major improvements done by others



  • Create a Blekko slashtag/custom search engine for the topic you’re an expert in
  • Find the real source of an popular image everybody uses without proper credits by using TinEye or Google Search by Image
  • Create a Delicious stack showcasing something you admire
  • Make a Twitter list of great people who specialize in a certain trade you can recommend
  • Create a Pinboard for your favorite architect, artist, blogger, designer, musician or photographer



  • Share an inspiring real life story with your readers or followers
  • Take a picture of something you love and upload it
  • Make a case study or a tutorial displaying how you tackled and solved a problem
  • Publish a list of the best resources from a particular field
  • Print out your favorite blog post or article and give it to your co-workers, neighbors or family members



  • Make a list of your favorite charities and link out to them
  • Recommend a follower of yours to other people you know or know you
  • Show appreciation to someone you look up to by writing an article about them
  • Link out to someone new in your niche, industry or subculture who is just starting out
  • Say “thank you” to someone who linked to a great site you didn’t know before




Speaking out

  • Criticize a monopolistic corporation that attempts to dismantle the Web as we know it
  • Express your distaste with articles that are openly attacking people or trades
  • Report shady sites on Web of Trust in order to warn others
  • Like a righteous comment up on Facebook,
  • Amplify a dissident voice that does not agree with the mainstream opinion



  • Write a friendly and thoughtful comment on someone’s site (I don’t mean “thank you great post” bot-like comments)
  • Send your favorite site an email explaining why you like them
  • Send a letter via snail mail to express your fondness with a webmaster
  • Take and image of yourself smiling and dedicate it to someone on the Web
  • Cite someone not very well known yet as if s/he was a famous philosopher





  • Create an IFTTT recipe and share it
  • Create a WordPress plugin an offer it for free download
  • Create a Firefox add on and let people get it for free
  • Program a piece of standalone open source software to give it away
  • Notify a hacked site and offer free support to clean it up



You may not become a celebrity over night doing these things but I assure you that people will notice and remember you. Not all people will do it but some will. Enough people will know who you are and what you’ve done.

August 28, 2012 – 50 Ways to Make the Web a Better Place is a Creative Commons licensed article by Tad Chef of SEO 2.0

* Creative Commons image by Leo Grübler