May 17, 2017

Duquesne Small Business Tech ConferenceDuquesne University Small Business Development Center has invited me to
speak about SEO at the 6th Annual
Pennsylvania Business Technology Conference on Thursday,
November 17, 2011 in Pittsburgh.

I will be doing a break out session on “Search Engine Optimization – The Power of Page One: Why Search Engine Rank Matters & How to Climb Higher”. Since this is a small business oriented event, I will try to focus on some of the basic things small businesses can do to improve their search engine position on a limited budget. If you have ever spoken with me, you probably know I have a tendency to talk at great length on internet marketing topics. So this may prove to be entertaining to watch me try to cram everything you need to know about SEO into a presentation and still leave plenty of time for Q&A. 

My goal is to provide actionable information that conference attendees can apply to their own business website. And I hope to avoid being a real life version of link spam. You know – when you click on a link in a Google search and you don’t get what you had hoped for. I am still working on my presentation notes, so if there is anything you would like to know more about, or if you have suggestions for any sub-topics you would like to know more about please leave a comment below even if you are not attending. 

Other topics that will be covered at the conference:

  • Marketing & 2.0 Tools, Trends and Tricks
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Mobile Apps 
  • International: Global Customers: Developing an Internationally friendly Website
  • What’s New in Social Media? 
  • Mobile-Friendly Websites
  • Google Tools for Managing Your Business

For more information about the conference, the agenda and registration, visit 

UPDATE: Registration Discount Available
Use this discount code pbtc79 when you register and pay only $79 (normally it costs $119)

See you there!
~Nick Ker