June 17, 2017

It sounds like a joke:

“How are candidates for President like SEOs?
Because they sound like they are full of crap even when they tell the truth.”

If Romney and Obama did SEO

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In fairness to both candidates trying to win your vote in the 2012 election, sometimes the truth only sounds fishy. Maybe Mitt Romney really can’t tell you the details of how he would fix the economy because he won’t know exactly until he is in office – just like it is hard to tell you exactly where links to your site will come from until we start looking for them.  And maybe Barack Obama really does need more time because his predecessor screwed up so badly – just like when we help a site recover from a Google penalty caused by the actions of a previous SEO company.
Or maybe they are both like shady SEOs that can’t be trusted.

There really are some odd similarities between running for office and running an SEO campaign – like finding the balance between realistic expectations and presenting a brighter vision of the future. And of course the deserved mistrust of politicians and SEO based on past experience.

With the 2012 United States Presidential Election just a few weeks away, let’s take a lighter look at what it would be like if Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were in the Search Engine Optimization business. Here’s an infographic with a few hypothetical Presidential SEO Candidate questions.

This is not an endorsement of either candidate. Just sayin’.

Obama Romney SEO comparison: If The Candidates Were SEO Consultants...
Obama: I will get your site onto page one of search results for appropriate keywords and improve the overall visibility of your website. Due to your current link profile and website condition, SEO will take time and it won’t be cheap.
Romney: I will make your site #1 for all of your  keywords in just a few weeks and it won’t  cost very much at all.  You will make so much  money right away that we will be able to do  more later.

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  • Adam Lundquist

    This is a little late, but really clever

  • It was posted back in mid-October, but thanks Adam.