June 4, 2017

“What does this button do?”


A while ago, Google launched its +1 Button, which is kind of like a Facebook Like Button for Google search results. It is another way that social connections can help a site gain trust by showing you that people you know approve of the website.

Google +1 button social search

Due to demand from webmasters, developers and other internet geeks, Google has made Plus One available to use on any website.

Adding the Google +1 button to your pages can help you stand out in Google searches. That means better visibility, in terms of search engine optimization. By giving your visitors more opportunities to +1 your pages, your search results and even Google ads could show up with the plus one image more often, helping people see when your pages are most likely to be relevant.

Is the +1 button better than a Facebook Like or just different? We will have to wait and see where Google is heading with +1 and whether or not everyone starts using it.
In the name of better, more useful search results, Google has been dabbling in social sharing with Buzz and using Facebook, Twitter and other social media to help determine trust, authority and relevance.
So go ahead and tell Big Brother Google what you like, er, “+1”