May 17, 2017

google algorithm Much of the internet marketing world is confused and maybe a little worried lately. Google has announced some changes to its algorithms that will make it harder for shady SEO spammers and content scrapers to trick Google with junky content that was good for search results, but not for people. Content farms are also being targeted among several other search spam detection changes. So we are back the old internet marketing rule, “content is king”. As we have been saying, write and create content for people not robots.

These changes, combined with Google’s increased emphasis on the importance of social media presence means it is more important than ever to really start using Social Media in your internet marketing strategy.
Social Media should already be a part of most search engine optimization strategies and almost every marketing campaign, but now it is essential to have more than a passive interest. And not just for the potential backlinks, but for all the other reasons social networking is great for business – more personal interaction, the ability to listen to and better understand your customers, and of course exposure to your potential audience where they spend most of their time.

Many SEO and online marketing consultants who rely heavily on lazy content scraping or shady link building are watching the search engine ranks of their clients fall and wondering where to go from here.
Not us. We are already there, doing what we have been doing all along for our clients – developing a Complete Web Presence which not only attracts, but connects and interacts.

Ker Communications combines quality website design & content, engaging social media, and intelligent ethical SEO with the goal of improving brand awareness and reputation, increasing customer loyalty, lots of website traffic, and just plain making you look cool.

People will still try to trick Google with lazy and unethical methods, but who in their right mind is going to try to outsmart all the big brains and resources at the search engine? Google is probably smarter.
And when they decide to limit the importance of paid link directories and other black hat and grey area backlinks, we will still be here… unlike most of our competitors. Where will you be?

  • Jeffrey Gross

    Great post! i had read that in the later part of 2011 or 2012 google will be working on something called logical search. i am sure it will be able to curb down the spamming a lot!