May 17, 2017

Why is my site getting no traffic

Your website has been online for a while and
looks great… but nobody is visiting.

No traffic.

The little traffic you do get is not turning into sales.


The bad news: Your website is broken!
Sure, you can see everything you are supposed to be able to see, the menus all work, even the forms work… but the most important things your website is supposed to do are not happening! Few visitors, no leads, no conversions!

What your web designer does not know CAN hurt you!

Like many businesses starting a website, you probably saved a lot of money by getting a less experienced designer to build your site or maybe you used a “free” service from your internet provider, or did it yourself. That’s fine – DIY is often not only the cheapest way to go but also a great way to learn more about your own business and your customers – if you don’t mind putting in full time hours for a while just to get your site online, maintain it and promote it.
Cheap website templates often look good enough and the creative work of a young ambitious web designer can look fantastic. Here in Pittsburgh, there are several schools which crank out literally thousands of web design graduates every year who know how to use most of the software and they are happy to show you a big list of programs to prove their capabilities. But there are many important things they just don’t teach in the tech schools or in the how to make your own website guides that can paralyze your web marketing and slow the online part of your business to a crawl if they are overlooked. Those things are learned through experience and life-long learning. The software we use is simply the tool to get the job done.  The tools and skills are important, but a carpenter is usually not an architect or engineer. A good website is designed with a purpose and goals, and built to serve that purpose and achieve your goals.

Even if all the technical stuff is taken care of, how much of a marketing background does the designer have? Did they do any research on your business, your market and how to best reach your audience? Unfortunately many web designers believe that is not their job. They think someone else is supposed to craft the message and do the search engine optimization.
Designing for the web is about much more than visual arts. It is also about communicating your message to your target audience in the most effective way possible. It is not a choice between form or function, art or science. Good website design and promotion is a fusion of visual arts, technical function, and the science and psychology of marketing. How can someone design the main part of your online marketing strategy without knowing just what it is they are trying to say, who they are trying to reach and how to make it happen?

Here is the good news: It is not permanent. We can fix what isn’t working.

If you already have a website that gets little or no traffic, let us do what your developer should have done in the first place. We will take a look at the technical side of things on your site like SEO, and the human side – your marketing, your message, your web presence. We’ll get to know you and your business and make your website work for you. We can find out why your website isn’t getting traffic and we can fix it. Or you could just wait and see if the same techniques will someday yield different results

Think of it like this: sometimes you get a really great deal on a used car, but find out that there are a lot of things that need to be fixed to make it run they way it should. It runs, but it isn’t going to get you everywhere you need to go without putting a little work into it.
Ker Communications is the mechanic who can tune up your website for the performance you need. Push, pull or tow your clunker in for a free internet marketing analysis.

If you don’t have a website yet, let Ker Communications’ experienced web designers in Pittsburgh do it right the first time. We will build a web presence that makes sense for your business – in form, function and finances. We can do anything from a simple business listing just to get you started online, or a WordPress blog, to full a featured multimedia social network web presence juggernaut. And if you want to go big but can only afford to start small, Ker Communications is exactly who you want to take care of your web presence with an online marketing strategy that will grow with you. We know and understand shoestring budget DIY marketing and we are damned good at it.

Contact Ker Communications to find out what we can do for you.

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