Cooking with Chef Dato

 Posted by on June 30, 2010
May 17, 2017

After making the Chef Dato’s Table demo video for Food Network, we developed a multifaceted internet and video marketing strategy for the Chef and his restaurant, catering services, cooking classes and bottled dressings and sauces.

The restaurant has a frequent diner promotion with an International Passport theme. The customer gets a printed passport and each week, food from a different country is featured. “International Cooking with Chef Dato” is a weekly cooking show in which the chef shows how some of the special menu items are made and talks about what has been happening at the restaurant. Since most of the specials are made from fresh ingredients, it is not practical to shoot the videos in advance. The show is shot, edited and distributed through YouTube and other video sites and pushed to the restaurant’s FaceBook fan page, Twitter and other social media – all in time for dinner that evening. Typical total turnaround time is about two hours.
But the shows are not just recipe videos – they are a combination of entertainment, advertising, blogging and social networking. They engage the audience and get return viewers because people like the personal touch and “reality show” feel of the show. They are also a great opportunity to get other important information to potential customers without looking like a commercial.

These videos and their wide distribution have brought a huge amount of new traffic to the Chef’s website and generated an unreal amount of buzz about his new restaurant.

The marketing power of social networking, blogging, and video – combined!

Take a look at a few episodes and think about your possibilities.

A typical “Cooking with Chef Dato”


A short message about a new restaurant – this had a tremendous viewer response


Another cooking video – peppered with lots of things that the customers wanted to know

More International Cooking with Chef Dato

In addition to the videos, Chef Dato’s existing website has been reworked to improve search engine performance.