May 17, 2017

At Ker Communications, we firmly believe that quality content and good website design are just as important as, if not more important than SEO. It looks like Google agrees.

new google instant previews

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Blogstorm is reporting that Google is getting ready to launch a new feature in its search results pages that allows users to see full-page previews of sites before they click through to them.  In order to be successful, a site will have to look good in addition to ranking well with the search engine.  This means that websites that are simply keyword-stuffed and have little real value to real human users will have to do what we have been saying all along – get good, fast. Users will also be able to see when the same site has found ways to get their site listed more than once for the same search terms via redirects or other shady methods when they notice the same preview showing up for a few different listings. Google also recently launched “Google Instant” which shows search results as you type, making the first word or even first few letters seem more important.

This is all good news for Ker Communications – we already make websites that work, look good and show up high in the search engine results pages without any sneaky black hat SEO tactics.

If your marketing strategy consists of nothing but keyword manipulation and your site shows it, start thinking about a redesign now. You will need a website that not only ranks high with Google, but it will have to look good, work properly, and have the content that viewers are looking for. Just like the websites we build. We market to people, not search engines.