June 21, 2017

Website Loading Speed Is An SEO Ranking FactorWhen optimizing a website, it sometimes becomes apparent that it is just too slow. This leads to unhappy users and can keep the site from ranking as well as it could in Google.

Speeding up a website can be difficult and eventually lead you down the path of having to shop for new hosting after you exhaust all other options. That sometimes makes site owners hesitant to make the changes, thinking “it doesn’t matter THAT much, does it?”
It does, even if you don’t want to believe it.


If you are optimizing a site, OPTIMIZE it!  SEO really is more than keywords and links.

Chris Liversidge explains what is important about page loading times, what they mean to SEO and what you really need to check/fix…
Learn more here: Breaking Down Page Speed Events For SEO Gain

Speed matters. Google says so.
But HOW does a site’s page loading speed impact ranking in organic search?

The debate over this has flared up recently. Is page loading time a boost for fast sites or a demotion for slow sites? Who cares?!
Many people are over-thinking this. Is there ever a situation where you would NOT want your site to load as quickly as possible? Not likely.

Nobody likes a slow website. If your website is slow, speed it up! Even if it isn’t that magic ranking silver bullet you are looking for, do it for your users. Happy website visitors are more likely to do all the things you want them to do – convert, buy, share, like, return…

Slow loading pages will make users bounce back to the search results and never return.

site speed rank modificationIf you want to know what all the site speed hoopla is about, Andrea Pernici does a great job of covering all the angles and arguments on the blog at SEMrush.
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Is your website too slow? We can help.

Fast, efficiently optimized website code – even on WordPress websites – is critical. That’s why one of the first things we do for any site is speed it up. Contact Ker Communications if you want your website to load nice and snappy like this one.