September 24, 2017

Google Penguin UpdateIf your website has been hit by Google’s Penguin Algorithm Update which demotes sites that have built lots of spam links to try to manipulate search engine rankings, you are probably well aware that it has been over a year since the last time Penguin was updated. You know, because you have worked hard to remove those old spammy links, and have used the Disavow Links Tool to ask Google to ignore the rest. And you have been waiting for some kind of recovery ever since.

Wait, what?
You HAVEN’T disavowed them all yet?
What are you waiting for?

About a week ago, some SEOs and Google watchers pieced together some hints of information from various sources that led many to believe that the much anticipated Penguin refresh would be coming this past week. It did not. There was also the idea that it was now too late to get in any last minute disavow lists before the update. Well, it may not be too late after all.

Joshua Berg asked the right questions in a recent Google Hangout and found out from Google’s John Mueller that the update is still “probably weeks away”. That means there is still a little time to disavow your unwanted links. Even if it may be too late for the coming update, future updates will likely be more frequent. So there is no reason not to take care of it right now.

Here is Joshua’s Google+ post about it:

Too Difficult, Takes Too Long

Believe me, I feel your pain. Sorting through hundreds or even thousands of links trying to decide which ones need to go is no easy task. Since the launch of the Disavow Tool, I have compiled more disavow lists than I care to count. The good news for you, is I have become quite efficient at it, and have even trained a couple of interns to know what to look for, and how to streamline the whole process so we can get them done in a few days rather than weeks.

Disavowing Links Alone Without Removing Any May Not Be Enough…

Chances are, a site hit by Penguin will have plenty of other issues that are causing ranking or indexing problems.
If you are not in a hurry, the best thing to do is get a thorough website audit to make sure you know what all the problems with your website and SEO are, and THEN look into penalty removal & recovery options.
If you are certain your site is hit by Penguin and want to try to get your disavow file ready for the Penguin 3.0 update ASAP, but don’t have the time or know how to do it, Ker Communications is offering a limited time Express Disavow List deal. We can deliver a ready to submit list of backlinks for the Disavow Links Tool within three days.
Let us know your site’s domain and any domains you have that 301 redirect to it, and include a list of any known bad links if possible, and for $750 you will get a ready to submit Disavow List – or we can submit it for you. We will also need access to your Google Webmaster Tools, but we’ll tell you how to do that once you fill out this form:

Express Disavow List: $750

How this works:

Fill out this form completely, hit the order button and you will be taken to a PayPal Checkout page. Once we receive your information and payment, we will send you an email confirmation with instructions for adding Ker Communications to your Google Webmaster Tools, and let you know if there is any additional information we need to get started.
Once we get access to everything we need, you can expect to receive your Disavow Links List within 3 business days.

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