May 17, 2017

Innovative Pittsburgh Marketing Firm Helps Local Small Businesses Use Social Media to Its Fullest Potential

Shooting a Web Video Show

Chef David Kadagashvili, owner of Chef Dato’s Table, films an online segment for his website with Nick Ker in the restaurant near Latrobe. Photo: Eric Schmadel/Tribune-Review

Ker Communications’ work with Chef Dato was recently featured in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Business Section in an article about local Western PA businesses using Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. The Complete Web Presence Management (website, online videos, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media marketing) campaign we do for the chef is a great example of our cutting edge approach to online marketing. Just getting your business a presence in Social Media is not enough – we find the latest opportunities and do it in whatever way will work best for your business. It is pretty easy for businesses to get into social media, but we like to find ways to help you stand out from the competition by using these new marketing opportunities in the most innovative ways we can.
The newest of the new.

The web videos and online promotions we do for Chef Dato have been very successful and helpful in starting up Latrobe’s favorite new restaurant. Rather than taking weeks to develop and distribute new promotions and offers, we put coupons, specials and menus in front of hundreds of new and repeat customers in minutes – right to their computer or mobile device.
In addition to all the new promotional opportunities, the restaurant has also been able to communicate directly with customers and proactively handle suggestions and any issues with the new restaurant, avoiding some of the pitfalls and growing pains of opening a restaurant. Rather than just wondering how customers felt about the new location, the menu, or the atmosphere we were able to find out right away, respond and react. Happy customers, happy business owner.

What can we do to keep you a step ahead of the competition? What is the next big thing in social media marketing and how can you use it? We will find out and make it happen.

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