April 5, 2017

Ker Communications recently produced a short marketing documentary for Chef Dato which was used as an audition demo for an upcoming Food Network reality show which will follow the opening of new restaurants.

This video was shot and edited in just a little more than two days due to a network deadline, so some of the shots are a little rougher than I’d like, but this video is a good example of what can be done with very little time.
Chef Dato’s weekly youtube cooking show can be seen here.
The cooking show is shot in HD, edited and uploaded in about two hours in order to highlight special menu items in time for dinner that evening. The videos are then embedded on www.chefdato.com and the restaurant’s facebook fan page, as well as sent out to Twitter, other social networking sites and several video sites.
The cooking show and other ongoing promotional videos have proven to be a very effective way to generate website traffic and bring new customers to the restaurant. Even relatively simple YouTube videos are very effective in engaging your audience when combined with social media marketing, search engine optimization techniques and traditional promotions such as coupons, frequent shopper discounts, etc.

How effective is this as a marketing tool?
Website traffic and social network following continues to grow exponentially, Google PageRank has jumped, but more importantly:

Chef Dato frequently has guests who come to his restaurant and ask for something they saw him prepare on his show.

More results details can be found here.