Google Zebra Algorithm Update? Or…

 Posted by on February 23, 2013
July 23, 2016

By now most people who are somewhat familiar with SEO, search engine marketing or Google in general are aware of two well-known updates to Google’s algorithm – Panda & Penguin. But what about the other 500-600 updates to Google’s algorithm that happen every year?

Zebra UpdateNow people have been asking Barry Schwartz of SERoundtable about a rumored Zebra update to Google’s algorithm. Really?! There are also some half-baked blog posts here and there that seem to be quoting each other as sources, guessing animal names and trying to generate some hype; but have no basis in anything resembling facts.  I think some people would do better to stop hunting black & white animals and focus more on their websites, the content, and how they are promoting it, but algo-chasers gonna chase, I guess.

But this Zebra rumor has me thinking…
Google has hundreds of algorithm updates. What would happen if they named every single one after an animal, and gave only a vague explanation of what the updates did? Think about it: a list of over 500 confusingly named Google updates to torture the obsessed.  There is already somewhat of a cottage industry of people writing about and helping websites recover from Panda & Penguin. Would there then be people specializing in “Ringtail Lemur Recovery”?!

Is there a Google Zebra Update? No. It’s…

Ringtailed Lemur!

Ringtail Lemur

The Ringtail Lemur – One of Google’s Next Animal Named Updates?

What do you think? Would a comprehensive list of Google updates be helpful, or create some pretty amusing chaos for those who are still trying to find SEO loopholes?

And how many black & white animals are there, anyway?